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All our cakes and fillings are made from scratch and fresh

Cake flavors

Carrot cake                                 Vanilla Orange Zest
Midnight truffle cake                    Vanilla Lemon Zest
Red velvet cake                           Vanilla Chocolate chip
Vanilla cake                                 Apple
Vanilla Marble cake                     Chocolate Chocolate chip
Strawberry shortcake


Filling flavors

Vanilla Buttercream                     Caramel
Hazelnut buttercream                   Chocolate cream cheese
Cream cheese buttercream            Strawberry cream cheese
Bailey Irish cream buttercream      Blueberry cream cheese
Bailey Irish cream buttercream      Strawberry

Chocolate                                    Blueberry

Cookies and Cream                      Espresso buttercream

Coffee, mocha  


*You can add fresh strawberries, caramel or nutella to any of your cakes at no extra cost.

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